How Circus of Life was born!

Why are Action Trauma hosting an event with a whole host of fun activities for all the family?  Why is it so cheap?

The answer is simple; We want families to experience the benefits to the mind and the body of the great things in the programme.

In June 2018, Action Trauma hosted the International Trauma Recovery Summit and its sister event Young Hearts & Minds. These events totalled 1800 delegates from 24 different countries.

Feedback we received from attendees, along with other focus groups and other organisations whom Action Trauma have partnered and liaised with, all stated that for many people, despite campaigns to raise awareness, there is still a stigma attached to words like mental health, help and support.

So, we are hosting an event with a focus on having fun with engaging activities that have far reaching benefits and optional access to information which you may not need now, but might be helpful one day.

The Circus of Life is where you try new things and explore enjoyable shared experiences with your kids. Someone you know, might someday need some info on how these fun things can be used to address some of the issues that life can throw at us.  The information is there for you to note if you’re interested, otherwise you can come along just for the fun of it! 

Each of the facilitators and delivery partners will be featured on the Circus of Life Blog, highlighting their involvement and detailing how these fun and engaging activities can have far reaching, positive impact into our emotional and physical wellbeing.  

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